Scope of Activities

Polish Equestrian Academy

Polish Equestrian Academy - a national effort to support growth, promote equestrianism (professional and amateur) and back sport and recreational horse breeding, with the following competences:

  • Coordinating programs and activities in the field of professional and amateur riding, as well as endurance racing and tourism
  • Advancing physical education
  • Implementation of sponsorship programs and support of talented riders
  • Provision of scientific and expert resources
  • A research and information hub for equestrian enthusiasts in all disciplines: sports, recreational, tourist, therapeutic and preventative


  • All equestrian and non-equestrian activities associated with horses, including:
    • Professional sports
    • Amateur sports
    • Recreational riding
    • Tourism
    • Preventative Medicine
    • Physiotherapy
  • National mission
  • Developing capacity and diversity in building a strong Polish equestrian brand
  • Reviving the memory, tradition and history of Polish horseback riding

Goals of The Academy

Cele Polskiej Akademii Jeździeckiej
  • Popularization of physical education
  • Development of equestrianism
  • Identification and support of talented riders
  • Increasing the number of rider
  • Training and research increasing the quality of Polish horsemanship
  • Education and promotion of best practices
  • Horseback riding as a product

Obszary działalności

Obszary działalności


  • Search for and develop young talents (scholarship fund)
  • Development of in-school or in-university equestrian club sections
  • Master-student programs
  • Elementary school physical education horseriding programs
  • Educational materials for schools and equestrian centers
  • Lessons in primary and secondary schools
  • Promoting conscious riding, with particular emphasis on mutual horse and rider safety

Training and Vocational Courses

  • Domestic and foreign sessions and trainings with outstanding trainers and players
  • Cooperation with foreign facilities and overseas clubs
  • Development of educational and linguistic competences amongst instructors and trainers
  • Raising professional qualifications
  • Forming a network of horseback tourism hubs
  • Creating and implementing programs for people at risk of social exclusion (older people, addicts, people with intellectual disabilities)

Consolidation of the Equestrian Society

  • Industry representation, including trainers, players, instructors, amateurs, judges, veterinarians, blacksmiths, saddlers, park builders, physiotherapists, reconstruction and demonstration groups, reporters, shops, travel agencies and offices, internet portals, publishing houses.
  • A joint offer for centers, stables, clubs, riding schools, horse riding arenas
  • Creating joint initiatives with organizations professionally utilizing horses

Research & Development

  • Implementation of research projects focusing on increasing physical activity of children and adolescents
  • Development of an equestrian program offer as an opportunity to increase and promote family, educational and health tourism
  • Implementation of innovative research projects related to the horse's movement, feeding schemes and breadth of use (qualified sport and recreation)
  • Establishment of a management and monitoring model for horse breeding in Poland
  • Statistics, biodiversity within a full spectrum of pedigrees, molecular and population genetics
  • Big data development and analysis (sporting and breeding results)
  • Research and analysis of the equestrian tourism market


  • Promotion of Polish equestrianism and increasing its competitiveness in the international arena
  • Conducting nationwide campaigns to promote a healthy lifestyle and physical activity
  • Supporting and popularizing social, amateur and mass events with the participation of horses
  • Creating and participating in radio and television programs
  • Producing films and documentaries
  • Preparation and distribution of promotional and advertising materials
  • Participation in fairs, competitions and equestrian events
  • Popularization of horseback tourism on the domestic and foreign markets



Financial Instruments

Instrumenty finansowania
  • Rural Area Development Program
  • County Employment Office
  • Regional and National Operational Programs
  • Partners and Sponsors
  • Goverment and Municipal administration
  • Business institutions
  • EU Funds
  • Own sources