First Służewiec Endurance Riding Competition held during the 40th National Arabian Horse Show

We would like to announce that the first Służewiec Endurance Riding Competition, organized by the Polish Equestrian Academy, will take place at the Służewiec Racetrack in Warsaw on the weekend of August 10-11, 2018.

The main goals of the event are to promote endurance exhibited by thoroughbred Arabian horses and to advance and grow the discipline of long distance endurance riding. The competition will be held at the P2 class level and cover a distance of 40km. Participation is conditional on holding a current license issued by a Regional Equestrian Association or the Polish Equestrian Association.

Polish thoroughbred Arabian horses are known and valued all over the world. The breed is most commonly associated with shows and championships, where Polish-bred Arabians enjoy a long-standing history of tremendous success. The second strongest association and popular way of working with Arabian horses are endurance racing competitions, which as a riding discipline are an excellent way of promoting the breed, as well as a natural method in which to select and assess the functional features of the bred horses. National level competitions form a perfect complement to the program taking place during the Polish Arabian Horse Championships.

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Letter of Intent regarding the Stud Farm in Biały Bór

The Koszalin branch of the National Center for Agricultural Support KOWR and the Polish Equestrian Academy have signed a letter of intent regarding the reactivation of the Stud Farm in Biały Bór.

We are exploring the concept of establishing a Three-Day Eventing equestrian olympic training facility said Daniel Zawadzki, President of the Academy: - The location holds promise and is well prepared from an infrastructure point of view. Of course a lot of work would still need to be done to bring the facility to meet international standards. But we see great potential and would like the setting to become one of the stronger pillars of our equestrian heritage.

According to the Director of the Koszalin KOWR everything is on the right track. We only need time: - In two years the Tokyo Olympic Games will take place and we would like our Stud Farm to host all the preparations and training. This Letter of Intent is the beginning of a long road, but I hope, that it will be a road to success. I cannot yet provide an opening date, but we are trying to restore the facility to its previous glory.

The Stud Farm is presently State Owned, but is managed by KOWR.

The history of the Stud Farm in Biały Bór goes back to 1956. European and World Cup ranking Three-Day Eventing competitions frequently took place here. Polish Olympians trained in Bialy Bór in the past. What’s noteworthy is that the battle scenes from the epic film “Pan Wołodyjowski” were also recorded here. In recent years, the Stud has been leased by a private individual, but over two years ago the lease was terminated and the Stud returned to the State Treasury and under KOWR management.

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Establishing an Amateur Polo League

The idea behind an Amateur Polo League grew from a desire to spread and popularize this equestrian discipline amongst a broad group of riders from a wide range of ages, riding abilities and social statuses.

Polo is a wonderful and social game that awakens incredibly positive emotions, training not only our bodies but also our minds. Our goal is to create a network of recommended clubs and stables in Poland, in which to play or learn to play polo. To increase the clubs' accessibility and universality, which we would hope would translate into a growing number of organized polo events and a greater popularity of the game in Poland.

In the meantime we are pleased to announce the creation of the first Amber Polo Team within the framework of the Equestrian Club at GUMed (Medical University of Gdańsk).

We warmly welcome you to join.

The League’s coordinator is M.D. Tomasz Stefaniak.